Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What do Banisters and the Koenigsegg CCX have in common?

Interior Design: Banisters, Balustrades and Balusters
Road Trip: Koenigsegg CCX
Property Snapshot:Franklin, TN Luxury

Interior Design: Banisters, Balustrades and Balusters
I love a wide staircase, there is just something beautiful about it. As I decided to feature staircases tonight as my interior design highlight, I kept coming across pictures of large English estates with the stone railings on the balconies and decided to investigate what they were officially called. It turns out I had come back full circle to where I started with staircases. I came across 3 different words for the supports/railing: banister, balustrades, and balusters.
  • Banister: a baluster
  • Baluster: any number of closely spaced supports for a railing
  • Balustrade: a railing with supporting balusters
So a staircase has a balustrade, but balustrades are also commonly seen on interior and exterior balconies and in gardens. They can be made out of any material from wood to marble. Here are a few inspirations to help you when creating and building your own. Always remember to consult a licensed professional before starting any work on your home.


Road Trip: Koenigsegg CCX

The Koenigsegg CCX. Enough said. Other than the trivial fact that this beautiful Swedish car has a 4.7-liter V8 engine producing 806 hp and 678 lb-ft of torque, goes 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds, has tops speeds of over 245 mph, it is also the most eco-friendly supercar out there. So, there really isn't anything very special about this machine is there?

Because it was built with Americans in mind, owners can expect about 14 miles per gallon in mixed driving, and it runs on readily available 91 octane gas. Additionally, it meets tough U.S. crash regulations and emissions standards and it even fits a US license plate. Love it or hate it, this car can be yours for a mere base price of $540000 + taxes, while the fully equipped supercar $600900 + taxes. Commence drooling.

Property Snapshot:Franklin, TN Luxury

As a local real estate agent here in Nashville, TN I am going to start featuring properties for sale that I find stunning.

So, to kick this off I want to introduce you to the home of Alan Jackson, country music singer. While his address is known as Franklin, I can tell you that he actually lives in a little area called Grassland. It's on Moran Road and is also close to the Warner Park area of Nashville. His home is listed for $35,000,000 has 135 acres, 6 bedrooms, 7.2 bathrooms, and is 19,000 gorgeous square feet. It also has a fully finished log cabin overlooking the Harpeth River, a barn with a 2-bedroom apartment, a boat house, and 3 ponds.

Interested in this property? Contact me at julia@thatlovelyshop.com or jallen@realtracs.com for full information. Serious inquiries only please.

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