Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gorgeous Interiors

For the first post from That Lovely Shop I wanted to share some inspiring interiors, give you the latest design trend alert and then share some ideas on how to dress up a room without breaking the bank. I am really excited to get started and can't wait to get feedback from you!

But, first things first - I love tradition and elegance and the style that reminds us all of a very different time. A time when decorum ruled and details finished every home.

When it comes to decorating, everything is in the details. Small wood carvings, a built in book shelf, hand carved cabinets, antiques (or reproductions if you prefer new things) all have an incredible way of making a home feel lived in. Even if you prefer a clean, modern look - add an antique side table or desk, bed or vanity - it makes for that little touch of elegance without overdoing it.


Trend Alert: Beams are making a come back. I know what you are thinking: when did beams go out? Ok - maybe not, but interestingly enough, that look that your grandmother house had, is back. Thankfully enough the design guru's have left the shaggy brown rugs out of it.

A great and affordable way to add elegance and class to a large (and often awkward) room is to add beams. As seen in the picture above, the white ceiling makes a great contrast with the dark wooden beams or crown molding.
To find affordable wood for those brand new beams, look up local salvage yards and contractors.

If you prefer the illusion to the real thing (what a great idea! put them up, take them down) have a carpenter measure and build you "beams" out of plywood. Once they are put together, paint and decorate them any way you wish then have the carpenter install them inside. Voila - a brand new room.

For those of you not so keen on the expense of new beams, try medallions. Most home stores have appliques that you can glue on (below).

This ceiling medallion is available for $30 + shipping and handling at Wish I Had That (wishihadthat.com). A great example of affordable, classy, fun style.

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