Friday, December 18, 2009

Hostess Gift Ideas, KellyGeorgette Goods, Design Tip: Frosted Glass, and more!

Interior Design: Creating Decorative Frosted Glass Looks
Social Etiquette: Hostess or Host Gifts
Spotlight: Kelly Georgette Goods
Interior Design: Creating Frosted Glass Looks

A great, and affordable, way to add elegance (and value if done well) is to take regular glass doors or windows, or any glass surface, and give it a decorative frosted look. It can be ornate or simple, but keep in mind the room or style that it will become a part of. It's easy to apply and is a film, so no mess. Always make sure to read up on how to properly apply the decorative film or consult a professional.

Here are some great decorative looks that you could apply:


Social Etiquette: Hostess or Host Gifts

Christmas is a week away, and now with New Years on the horizon we begin the official party season. Whether going to formal dinner parties, buffet style parties, cocktail parties, or mere gatherings it is always polite to bring the hostess a gift (or host).

Some great ideas are a decorative wine box and bottle of wine, fine chocolates, books and bookmarks, spices, oils, jars of homemade goods such as honey, picture frames, ornaments, or a gourmet cheese package (which contains a board, cheese knife, etc). A hostess gift should always be nice or elegant, but simple. Here are some ideas:


A great way to find unique gift items is to shop for handcrafted goods. Great sites like are filled with artists, crafters, and seamstresses who produce unique, quality goods.

One of these great designers on is also a fellow Nashvillian. Check out these great gift ideas from KellyGeorgette: (to shop, click here)

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