Monday, December 21, 2009

Interior Design: Pocket Doors

Interior Design: Sliding pocket doors

One of my favorite features in old homes are sliding pocket doors. Pocket doors come in various sizes from the extremely large (9 feet or taller, custom built) to the traditional size for door frames. The door(s) can be made of glass, wood, or a combination and are a great way to save space and show personality.

As I said before, pocket doors save space. It can be incredibly hard to layout a small room (or a large room for that matter) that is separated with awkward doors opening up and using room space. In these particular situations, a pocket door is a great investment. Before installing, please consult a licensed contractor to make sure you have enough space to put the doors into your walls. If you can't fit a pocket door - go ahead and install a sliding hanging door - they can be really unique and add that modern touch to a room.

Here are some inspirational ideas for pocket doors in your home:

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