Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh it's cold! ....but these designs are Hot.

Since most of the USA is blistering cold with the recent blizzard, I was inspired to write about something warm and relaxing. In my search I stumbled across a luxury villa resort in Bali, India called The Seri Villas. Not only is the place incredible looking, it's incredibly affordable for a luxury get away.

Once my real estate mind settled down, I started to notice the design and decor in the villas. As most people know, I simply prefer vintage looks. But, I have to say - this modern mix of luxury and class isn't so bad.

The soft colors, the high roof ceiling, the large glass sliding windows and the polished flooring really make the villa feel relaxing and cozy.

The other thing I love about these villas are the lighting accents. So many times people just forget about lighting if there are large windows. Lighting accents help balance and direct your eye around the room, and can really add to the wow factor in your home.

I love how the pool has lighting accents both in the water and outside. The blue pool also blends well with the white trim, black trim and yellow paint of the background sections of the villa.

What is not to love about the master bedroom? It takes a classic french bed style, soft neutral colors, and incorporates the modern feel with the wardrobe and bed frame. Fantastic!

Also, note the ceiling lighting and shelf. Design is always in the details, and when done well you can barely notice those georgeous touches.

This bathroom is perfect for this style of villa. It's very open and airy. Again, using neutral colors with the dark furniture contrast really makes the bathroom pop.

The other cool thing about these villas is that they have open air bathrooms. When I heard this at first I thought 'no way'. But, the bathroom is actually very private and only the ceiling is missing. There aren't any towers around, so no peeping!

What really made these interiors stand out in my mind was the fact that the design and layout of the villa was so perfect for the segmented and open air feeling that is so common to Bali. It makes a difference when the interior matches the layout and style of the house, a huge difference!

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