Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Official 2010 Interior and Color Trends Sneak Peek

Interior Design: The Official 2010 Interior and Color Trends Sneak Peek

Oh yes it is here: 2010. As we say farewell to 2009 we can look with excitement at what 2010 holds for interior - and exterior - design trends.

2010 promises a revival in art deco styles infused with modern touches, an array of very different colors, and a huge increase in outside patio and garden design.

Color palettes will become more vibrant with yellows, greens, shades of purples, oranges, aqua, turquoise, and of course earthy tones and accents.

2010 is going to be a year focused on energy conservation and the climate. In 2010 earthy colors and recycled products such as bamboo flooring, cotton, etc will become even more popular. One great idea is to think about the jungle. Use greens, whites, dark browns, and hints of orange to inspire your earthy home decor.

There is also a return to a romantic style. So shades of purple, very light pinks, pastels and cremes in moderation will be seen with candles, sheers, french antiques, and elegant accents.

And of course there is the oranges and reds you can work in...

Aqua and Turquoise....

The key to interior design in 2010 is to be earth friendly, global and soft. Be careful to not go too 'shabby chic'...try to think more art deco. Always consult an interior designer and real estate agent before doing any new renovations to your home. They will help give you an idea on what is in style and what your budget should be.

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