Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Get cozy by these designer fireplaces

Interior Design: It's cold outside, so get cozy by the fire

As a real estate agent I am always disappointed to find a house that doesn't have a fireplace. For most of my clients, and so many other people, it can help a house become a home. It helps to create a cozy atmosphere and can also add that extra design touch that really brings a room together. And, as homeowners or potential homeowners, it is important to keep in mind that fireplaces always add value to your home.

Nowadays fireplaces come in all shapes, sizes, types and vary in price from the very affordable to the more expensive luxury styles. Some examples are the traditional brick, modern glass, standalone units (that often run on electricity or gas) and of course gas burning traditional fireplaces. One of the more unique and modern styles is the Linear Burners (pictured below).

Below are a few different examples of fireplaces you might want to style yours after (or have built). Always consult a licensed professional contractor and your interior designer before beginning any new project:

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