Saturday, December 12, 2009

Overfinch Holland and Holland 2010 Range Rover, Color Me This...

What happens when Overfinch wants to go sporting? The 2010 Holland and Holland Range Rover from Overfinch. Overfinch and Holland and Holland (a famous luxury gun manufacturer in England) joined forces to produce a Range Rover that is not only fast, but beautiful.

But before you get to excited, you will have to beat out every pheasant hunting-gun collecting-sporting enthusiast except the 99 who got one before you. Yep, that's right: only 100 of these glorious, spectacular vehicles are being made.

And don't worry, for a luxury super car they start at a mere export price (to the United States) at $196,899.00 from the UK. But don't forget to add in dealership costs, registration, tags, insurance, and other little taxes. So, let's just make it about $225,000.00.

According to,
This ultimate Range Rover is outfitted with a gorgeous, custom-integrated gun cabinet, a cavernous backseat console/fridge, and a liquor cabinet nicer than anything you'd find in Don Draper's office. Our favorite feature? Well, the liquor itself is "self-replenishing," meaning that for the first year of ownership, Holland & Holland Rangie owners will have the vehicle's booze supply refilled automatically. Think of it like bottled water home delivery, only with single-malt scotch, small-batch gin, and other fine adult refreshments.
Naturally, all the interior trim is customized to match the cabinetry, which, in turn, can be made to match the customer's Holland & Holland firearms. The paint colors offered are exclusive to this model, of course, and the exterior is dolled up with unique trim and wheels as well. Aspiring Limey ballers take note -- you can even swap the standard dubs with off-road rubber for a pavement-only 22" wheel/tire package as well. The whole thing is deliciously ostentatious and wonderful. Power comes from either the blown 503-horse gasoline V8 or the diesel TDV8. It should come as zero surprise that this sort of exclusivity carries a dear price, so bring money. The H&H Range Rover will set you back at least £120K. Not that that'll be a problem for the target audience.

In honor of this spectacular vehicle, I put together a color palette inspired by the car's exterior color schemes. I think it's time to release the hounds! Bravo Holland and Holland and Overfinch.

Ahh, sporting at its finest and motoring at its best. Just the craftsmanship alone is a reason to love it, but everything is exclusive from the outside in - including the beautiful color schemes and materials.

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