Monday, December 7, 2009

Winter Hues

I am happy to announce that winter has officially arrived in Nashville! Winter is a beautiful time of the year - it's fresh, crisp and.... hopeful. It reminds me of what has been, and what is still yet to be.

I also love the winter time because it's the time of year when you can see the essentials of mother nature. So, as I noticed the sky today I was inspired by the blues and greens and cremes everywhere I looked and when I came across this stunning pattern on, I had to put together a room for you.

When I see this, I think of a round room, with at least 18' ceilings, a hand carved wooden mantle with heat sensitive tiles sits on a fireplace straddled by 2 very tall glass framed doors right in front of you as you enter. Immediately to your left and right when you enter are 2 tall plantation windows with long flowing drapery. The floor is hardwood with intricate work on the outer circle. There are sconces and historic paintings. It might be the perfect size for a music room, or a ladies office.

Every office deserves a fine Louis XV desk for writing and correspondence. (below)

And how about this Victorian Karpan sofa (below) that went to auction, check out the lion heads as armrests! Most of the time when you buy antiques (unless advised not to) you will want to get them reupholstered with new fabric. Make sure you go to a reputable professional who has experience working with antiques.

And don't forget lighting! I picked out this iron light fixture (below) to compliment the antique feel to the room without going to modern. Don't be afraid to mix the styles, just keep them in mind when buying.


Trend Alert:
So, this isn't a new idea but it's certainly one that I come across all the time: mirrors. Mirrors are the best way to make your home look bigger without having to knock out walls. If you are trying to sell your home make sure when you stage it to add mirrors:

  • opposite doors to reflect space
  • opposite windows to reflect light
  • behind floral arrangements on tables
Always pick a mirror that reflects your style or the style of the room you are staging. Never make the mirror the center of the room, it should always be there as a hushed extra.

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