Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gorgeous Master Bedrooms and Great Design Ideas

Interior Design: Master Bedrooms
The master bedroom is a very important room in the house. It's a place to escape, relax, and be yourself. As a real estate agent I can tell you homebuyers are looking for large spacious master bedrooms, with walk-in closets and a full en suite bathroom (with whirlpool tub and shower).

If you are thinking about renovating your master bedroom you may want to think about a few things that will not only help you make a return on the investment but also help you sell your home quickly.

It is a buyers market in real estate right now, and looks to stay that way for a while. If you are looking to sell your home in the next 5-8 years definitely think of improvements that will last.

Homebuyers are always looking for energy saving features and cutting edge technology in addition to the large room and en suite bathroom. If you have a master bathroom, or are adding one on, make sure to use energy saving toilets, sinks, showerheads, etc. If you live in a colder climate you may want to also consider putting down heated tiles in the bathroom. You might even want to look into features such as a hidden TV behind the mirror or stain glass windows above the tub to help your home stand out from the rest.

As you design your master bedroom consider hardwood (or bamboo a great eco-friendly alternative) flooring and large windows (don't forget the plantation shutters!). Depending on your style you may want to add decorative molding to the ceiling and walls to give it a luxurious feel. All of this can be done affordable and easily if you hire licensed professionals.

Here are a few master bedrooms I cam across and just love - I hope they inspire your new room. (And always remember to consult a licensed real estate agent, interior designer, and/or contractor before doing any home modifications. You wouldn't want to over renovate for your home, or create a “unsellable” home because of trendy decor)

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