Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sizzlin' Island Inspiration and Style To Warm You Up

Travel Inspiration: The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin
Interior Design: You guessed it, Island Style

Travel Inspiration: The island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin

The cold weather that has been bearing down upon what seems to be the entire northern hemisphere - from China to the US to Europe and Russia - is finally starting to get to me. I adore the winter time, there is nothing like crisp air, a warm fire and a cozy spot... but lately I have been thinking about clear water, warm weather and a break.

What a delicious moment it would be to bask in the sun on a sandy beach near clear blue water....but what if you don't want to go just anywhere? If you are looking for a place that is a little more hidden, has inspiring architecture, and plenty to do then the island of Sint Maarten-Saint Martin (Caribbean) is perfect.

The dual name arises from the fact that the island is split, part of it was/is Dutch and the other part belong to the French (technically the French side of the island is considered a part of the European community while the Dutch side is not, although it 'belongs' to the kingdom...but trade is 'free').

The island is very small, only about 37 square miles, but it has the largest lagoon in the Caribbean. Accessible only by a narrow channel, the Simpson Bay Lagoon is a perfect setting for sailing your boat or dropping your anchor to enjoy a candlelit dinner.

There are affordable activities all over the island. There are the water activities: scuba diving, para sailing, snorkeling, wakeboarding, etc and the activities on land: horseback riding, zip lines, hiking, biking, etc. On the calmer side of things there are plenty of museums, historic sites, restaurants, shops, and sites to see.

But, I love Sint Maarten-Saint Martin because of the culture (over 90 different cultures are represented by residents on the island), warmth and architectural beauty the island has. Check out some of the island below -


The island has fun activities, warm weather, beautiful beaches, and everything one might need to relax.

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Interior Design: You guessed it, Island Style

Now that you are dreaming of warm weather, how about going all in and buying a vacation home?? If you vacation a lot, it's a great way to save money. You can rent it out when you aren't using it, and you will always have a place to stay whenever you wanted to get away. If you need help or just want more information feel free to contact me at (I am a licensed state agent).

In a traditional home bright colors, odd accent pieces, and tropical themes would make me cringe. But, when decorating a vacation home, especially if it's in a tropical zone, the wilder the better.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

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