Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Garage: Unique and Custom Looks & The World's 1st 'Designer Garage'

Real Estate: Custom Garages

One feature that seems very unique to a home is a detached garage - and in some cases one at all. A garage is a very valuable real estate feature. So, why is it such a icky place for most people? Simple: most people view a garage as a storage unit and not as a desirable feature to their home.

If you think a garage has no value then ask someone who adores cars, or even...car manufacturers??

Oh yes - it had to be done and now it has! The car manufacturer Citreon unveiled the world's first 'designer garage' for its new executive model the C6. They designed a garage to go with the car, amazing.

The garage has transparent sliding plates created from reinforced polycarbonate sheets with LCD layers that allow for opacity when you decide you want a little privacy in the garage. The sliding plate doors allow entry from both sides.

In awe yet?? Well, you're about to be. The garage alone costs $179,885 (£112,330). So, if you are a high roller you should pull out the checkbook and get you one of the world's first designer garages, but if you are like me....you might just want to check out these garage inspirations below.

Remember that a garage doesn't have to be a metal white exterior - try wood opening side doors rather than the traditional unit that closes from above. Always, always, always have organizational units or racks in your garage that are clutter free and clean.


  1. imagine if you were a few inches off on the parkin job- Porsche Pancake!

  2. Haha! You are right! But isn't that garage sweet??