Monday, January 4, 2010

Outdoor Rooms That Wow..take a look

Interior Design: Outdoor Rooms

So, if you still haven't heard the new buzz word for 2010 it is 'outdoor room'. As budgets shrink and vacations get cut it seems like everybody wants the option of a 'stay-cation'.

A great way to ad value to your home, and create a relaxing and inviting patio space, is to create an outdoor room. An outdoor room is essentially your patio or deck and maybe a little extra space - but using interior design themes to decorate it. Instead of using your deck or patio as a storage space for flowers, cans, lawn equipment and random patio furniture - take the opportunity to really create a getaway that is both relaxing and a great space for entertaining.

If you are thinking 'I really can't afford this' - hold on a second! Sometimes it's more afforable than you think. If you already have furniture just spruce it up with spray paint, fresh potted flowers in large 'roman/greek pots' that you can get from Big Lots or the Dollar Store. Also - hit up some garage sales and see what you can find... paint and refinish items to match your themes.

If you are still having a hard time thinking of some ideas just check these great rooms out - and always remember to consult a licensed contractor and interior designer or real estate agent before making any modifications to you home.

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