Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creating Space In Small Rooms....and Admiring Southern Plantations

Interior Design: Creating Space In Small Rooms
Real Estate Inspirations: 'Why Don't You Sit for a Spell & Enjoy Your Sweet Tea' Southern Plantations
Small rooms are great. They are cozy, quaint, and can be quite charming...perhaps cottage like. But, if your small rooms charm is getting old - don't worry! There are ways to make it look, and feel, bigger.

1. Always paint the room with light colors, and absolutely NO wallpaper (unless it's plain, solid plain).

2. Brighten the room by using light colored drapes on the windows (paint the trim white as well) - you may want to consider using sheers or a very breezy material. Make sure the window treatment makes the drapes/sheers go to the floor (perhaps build a cornice and put it half a foot above the window, if it's low) - it helps create the illusion of height.

3. Use a lot of lights. Natural light is great, but if it is limited use tall floor lamps and an overhead light. The more light there is, the brighter it is, and the bigger it will look.

4. Use multipurpose furniture and clear the clutter. You may want to purchase a coffee table/storage drawer, side tables or a table with storage underneath, etc. The less items there are in the room the less space is taken up.

5. Do not go overboard with furniture. Be honest about the size of the room and your furniture. If your furniture is large, dark, bulky.......replace it with smaller pieces of furniture that are multifunctional and open (space that is not being used as storage should be open so that light can be seen under it).

6. Use mirrors - but do not go overboard. Try to make sure your mirror blends with the room and is not the focal point of the wall. You can achieve this by placing it across from the window (so the light hits it and reflects) above a chair, small table, or chair stool.

7. Try to match some pieces of the furniture to the wall, and place it at an angle. The angle makes the eye look further (because it's at a diagonal it creates length) and helps give the illusion of length.

These are just a few tips to help give your small room a little size boost. And also - always be weary of too many patterns, when it gets busy in a space it makes it appear smaller.
Real Estate Inspirations: 'Why Don't You Sit for a Spell & Enjoy Your Sweet Tea' Southern Plantations

I am about as southern as someone can be. My family (both sides) literally came to the south in the mid -to late 1700s and very, very early 1800s. One side went to North Carolina and went to Mississippi and the other side came in through Charleston, South Carolina and came to southern middle Tennessee where part of my family still lives today.

To say the least, ever since I was a little girl I wanted my own plantation and home. I love antebellum homes with the gorgeous details they exhibit and their wide porches and huge windows. And lets not get started on the winding staircases, huge foyers, and tall ceilings.

But I have to say I love them because they are uniquely southern, just like myself.

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