Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gorgeous Custom Colored Books Make Great Accents...check them out!

Interior Room Spotlight: The Front Room
Interior Design: Why Not Custom Colored Books?

Interior Room Spotlight: The Living Room

I came across these rooms today and thought they were just lovely! I love the use of neutral colors and natural elements and the way the rooms come together in just a perfect, cozy way.

Interior Design: Why Not Custom Colored Books?

So what items would you put in rooms, such as the ones featured above, that would add color and texture without overpowering the neutral tone to the room??

How about using custom covered and wildly colored books. I keep coming across these limited edition classics everywhere I go. They can add a little flash to your shelving or make really great hostess gifts....either way they are absolutely divine and very inspirational! (You can get these at your local bookstore and/or online at or!

Très chic!!

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