Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beautiful Custom Tile Work and Stunning Historic Homes

Business Spotlight: Stonecraft, custom high end tile design and installation
Interior Design: Historic Homes
One of my favorite things to do is seek out smaller local businesses and bring them into the spotlight as much as possible. Being a real estate agent and interior designer I think finding good craftsmen is an absolute top priority - you have to have the best working on your home.

When it comes to tile and stone installation for your home no one does it better than Shea Terry and his expert team at Stonecraft (Franklin, TN) - and if you don't believe me just ask his clients. For 10 years now Stonecraft has designed and installed stunning custom stone and tile work in bathrooms, foyers, living rooms, and just about every place you can imagine it going in a home all.

One thing that really stands out about Stonecraft is their client enthusiasm and praise. Shea Terry and his team have been called honest, hard working, and very knowledgable about custom tile and stone work.

And I really just can't say enough about their custom designs - absolutely beautiful. Just check out these gorgeous interiors Stonecraft has done and then if you are thinking about some remodeling....definitely give them a call or visit them online at: Stonecraft because the work they do can really bring the value of your home up, up, up!

Interior Design: Historic Homes

So I know just a few weeks ago I did a posting about southern plantation homes. But I have a confession: I can't get enough of historic homes. In a perfect world I would do nothing but locate, purchase, rennovate and preserve historic homes. Why?? Without a doubt it is because homes now are just not made the way historic homes were/are. Homes today lack quality, endurance and details.

The high ceilings, fireplaces, hardwoods, huge foyers, custom bannisters, *huge* plantation windows and shutters.....I can't put my excitement and joy into words! But I will share some photos and hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me:

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