Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Trends in Kitchen Appliances......everything is digital!!

Interior Design: New Trends in Kitchen Appliances
New trends in kitchen appliances continue to thrill me. Everything is digitalized, sleek and designer yet functional. I know many professional cooks would disagree with some of the appliances I think are really cool for 2010, but keep in mind: the average person isn't a professional cook. Plus, these are appliances that will add to the value of your home, function amazingly well for the average cook and they help keep the style to the kitchen.

1. The ATAG induction stove (below): You are probably not too familiar with this digital stove top but it's ok it's from the UK. I put this in here because we will get it here in the USA in a little while, but this is a really cool stove to keep in mind. Not only is it digital, it's made of black vitroceramic glass, including powerful 3.7 kW zone, two 3.0 kW zones and auxiliary 2.2 kW zone. Main benefits and features include modern slide controls, automatic programmable cooking options, residual heat indicators for each zone, timers, child lock, pot/pan detectors and optional stainless steel trim.

2. The Whirlpool Combination Microwave SpeedCook Oven GH7208XRS (below):  Again, another ingenious appliance. With this combo microwave oven you can literally bake a cake, cook a steak, and steam food. This microwave is called a SpeedCook oven. It is a true convection oven, G2Max SpeedCook oven, microwave and steamer.

3. The Counter-Depth Side-By-Side Refrigerator with ave-Touch Controls (below): This is a great example of a upgraded refrigerator. This model has Wave-Touch controls (the digital display will fade once you are done setting the controls), Chill Zone Drawer (chilled air is vented directly into the drawer), glass shelves, Luxury-Glide Crispers (drawers that have controlled humidity to keep produce fresh), digital temperature controls, 9" tall water/ice dispenser (so there is plenty of room for you large containers and pitchers), Fast Ice option (produces ice extremely quickly), storage, air filters, water filters, and an alarm system that lets you know if you left the door open, the power went out, etc.

5. The EdgeStar 18 Bottle Wine Cooler Stores Different Varietals Within One Unit (below): A wine cooler is always a great extra in a kitchen if you have the room. This particular model is an 18 bottle dual zone wine cooler with thermoelectric cooling that keeps both red and white wine at optimal temperatures in separate compartments. It's also quiet, energy efficient, digital and about $194 USD.

These are just a few ideas of trends in kitchens for 2010. Always think of things you might like to find in a brand new kitchen. You can always add coffee makers, rice steamers, deep fryers, luxury stove hoods, and highly efficient dishwashers. Just keep in mind that people are looking for energy saving, sleek, new, and easy to use appliances that will last when redoing your kitchen.

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