Monday, February 8, 2010

Furniture Makes the Room, Antiques Can Make It Unique - Without Looking Dated

Interior Design: Furniture Makes the Room, Antiques Can Make It Unique - Without Looking Dated

Sometimes it's easier to pick a color scheme for a room than to pick furniture and accent pieces. I personally love antiques and reproductions alike. Why? Well obviously because of the history and character of the pieces but also because when I invest in decor for my home.... that is what it is: an investment.

Much like investing in the stock market, old cars, or homes - antiques can be a really great investment. You should always shop at reputable antique stores if you are looking for high end investments, but you can always find great antiques in old pawn shops and country stores that need just a little elbow grease to make them shine again.

Another great thing about antiques is that, for the most part, they are very unique. When I was browsing for furniture online at Bond and Bowery (Bond and Bowery is a great compilation of all types of furniture from modern to vintage) I came across G. Evans Ltd and these fabulous antiques (and a few non-antiques but still unique furniture pieces). Most of these pieces date from the late 1700s to the 1870s. The green chaise is 1970s and a few of the tables are from the 1940s. Why is this important? Because you can find antiques that don't look too dated to use in your home, all you  have to do is keep an open mind and go shopping.

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