Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Forgotten Craft Room and Design Ideas

Interior Design: The Forgotten Craft Room and Design Ideas

Everyday I meet more and more people who do some sort of craft. Whether it is sewing, painting, scrapbooking, writing, etc and for them (and myself too) it is important to have a space all to yourself. It does still surprise me though when I go into homes where it is obvious that talented people (or a person) live there...but their stuff is stuck everywhere or their craft room is just a mess. Not only is that bad for trying to sell your home (it makes the home appear to lack storage, a very important feature to most buyers - always de-clutter and organize) but how can you find anything?!

Now, if you are renovating or adding on a bonus room for crafting or organizational needs there are a few things you will want to include in the room. Other than the obvious importance of being eco-friendly, you will need storage drawers and space for bins. Ideally you will want to have a floor to ceiling built in with various sizes of drawers, some open and some covered, on at least 1 wall. Another great feature is having a large island. The island would be a great place for storage and it will give you the ability to spread out and work. If you don't have that much space, try to reserve 1-2 walls for a counter with custom built storage units above and below.

If you are doing your own craft room feel free to decorate and paint the room so that it inspires you. If you are not sure what to do, try to make the room feel light and airy (aka bright neutral colors and lots of lighting (natural or unnatural). Use quality materials (that are eco-friendly but also investment friendly) such as granite and real wood (or bamboo). The flooring should be either tile or hardwood. If it is hardwood make sure to put at least three coats of an oil-based polyurethane varnish on the floor so it doesn't get scuffy and ruined while you get creative.

If you still need a little inspiration, here are a few rooms I came across that I just love:

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