Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vintage Inspired Bathrooms....Oh-La-La! C'est Magnifique!

Interior Design: Vintage and Vintage Inspired Bathrooms

As you well know I love historic homes. I firmly believe as both a designer and as a real estate agent that if you own a historic home the theme should go with the home. After all, why buy an apple if you really wanted an orange to begin with...translation: if you want a modern home, buy a modern loft or modern home - if you want an older home with all of its charm, then buy an older home. There is nothing that kills resell value on a home quite like mismatched interiors. People who are looking for an older home often have very particular things they expect and look for in the house (we call them charm others might call it old stuff).

The entire point of this post is to show you that just because it's vintage inspired, doesn't mean it has to actually be vintage. Check out these bathrooms - all completely renovated and 100% brand new:

It is also really important to pick your flooring carefully. Vintage bathrooms often had intricate tile work like below:

If you need a little more inspiration try looking at actual vintage black and white photographs like the ones below. They will help give you insight into the real vintage decor and what furniture and small accents really made the bathroom come together (notice the tile work on the walls and floors):

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