Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Ways To Decorate Small Spaces and Indonesian Inspired Rooms....

Interior Design: A simple guide on how to decorate in small spaces
Design Inspiration: Indonesian living never looked so good!
Interior Design: A simple guide on how to decorate in small spaces

Small spaces....we dread them, we hate them, but ultimately we end up dealing with it. But what if you don't want to just deal with a small space?

Here are a few tips to help you decorate, and utilize, your small spaces.

1. (above) Narrow room with no space for a chest of drawers or other storage unit? Solution: build a light-weight storage wall unit that fits soft case boxes. If you run to your local hardware store and pick up some thin wood rails you can create what we see above in the picture on the wall.

2. (above) The living room is too small for both furniture AND storage. Solution: Custom built-ins. Have your local licensed wood worker measure and build you a storage unit and couch in one. With the use of some comfy cushions and pillows your guests will never be uncomfortable, and you don't have to worry about storage or clutter.

3. (above) I only have room for a shared space. Solution: Give the space a it's own area. Hang curtain rods up and maybe paint that area of the wall a different color. It highlights it's own space while keeping the room open.

4. My furniture is a bit too large for my room. Solution: Use an oversized mirror that is the same width as your couch. This will help balance the room horizonatally but also give the illusion of space (by means of the light reflecting in the mirror).

5. (above) I need to add counter space in my kitchen but just doesn't seem to be any room. Solution: Choose a tall thin refrigerator vs. a regular wide or double door fridge. This helps increase the available counter space and also creates the illusion of height in your kitchen.

6. (above) I need more storage in my living room but my staircase takes up all the space. Solution: Build shelf space into the unused space below the staircase. It's an easy solution that adds value to your home.

7. (above) My kitchen just looks too small, what can I do to make it look bigger. Solution: Elongate the height of the kitchen by using floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets, bright wood, and stainless steel. The above picture was built in only 9 feet of space.

These are just a few ideas for helping you to create space where you might think there is none!

Design Inspiration: Indonesian living never looked so good!

I am loving Indonesian inspired interiors and designs lately. I love the use of natural materials, bright colors, intricate wood craftsmanship and the open air feeling it exudes even when the decor is in closed spaces. Indonesians also excel at outdoor living space design, but what about the decor inside? Here are a few rooms to help you visualize:

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